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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Strategies and Solutions

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions make it easy for Google to find you.

Internet Direct's SEO services can help you increase your search engine visibility. We know how search engines work. Everything from site structure, formatting, page layout, and content impacts your online visibility and the quality of traffic you receive.

We consult with you to combine clean, user-friendly web designs with effective SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns - delivering custom solutions for your market and keyword research, content and copywriting, and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

We build SEO-friendly websites that are user-friendly.

The structure of your site, layout of your pages, and coding behind your site all make a difference in search engine optimization. Our experienced developers optimize your site to make it easy for search engines to find you.

  • SEO-friendly coding (i.e. CSS, HTML, XHTML)
  • Site architecture and web usability
  • Website navigation, menus, links
  • Sitemap creation

Our experts can advise you on optimal site structure and page layout for usability and search engine optimization. We know how search engines work and we code your site to maximize search engine exposure - using best practices and standards compliant code.

SEO Consulting and Online Marketing

Our SEO consulting team can advise you on effective SEO strategies

We will help you determine the most effective methods for spreading the word about your business through online marketing and social media channels.

  • On-page and off-page SEO (i.e. coding, navigation, content, link building)
  • Market and keyword research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web analytics and reporting

From market and keyword research to fully integrated online marketing campaigns, we take a targeted approach specific to your business. Internet Direct's custom SEO and online marketing service target the right audience - building valuable sources of traffic and income for your business.

Content Solutions and Copywriting

The content of your website should be strategic.

It should incorporate the needs of your users and the needs of search engines. Our content solutions are just that. High-quality, professional content, combined with effective SEO practices that increase your search engine visibility.

  • Create positive user experience
  • Build confidence and trust
  • Effectively promote your products and services

We can work with you to design and develop custom content solutions that target the needs of your users and the needs of search engines.

Search Engine Analytics and Reporting

The goal of analytics and reporting is to measure performance, improve the quality of traffic, and enhance your conversion rate.

Our consulting team can advise you on the variety of tools available to measure your site's performance and your online marketing efforts.

Internet Direct provides analytics and reporting and can help you understand your users, their online behavior, and recommend targeted actions to improve the quality of traffic and enhance your conversion rate.

Building Successful Online Brands

A leader in San Antonio web design and development - we work with you to maximize your online visibility and brand recognition with effective web design, search engine optimization and online marketing solutions.

Let's talk about your project.

Whether you need custom web design, search engine optimization, or online marketing solutions - we're ready to talk about your goals. Let's get started on creating effective web solutions that meet your needs.